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Felix M Jansson is a young magician who has competed in numerous competitions, including Swedish, Scandinavian and European championships. He not only participated in these, but also managed to win a number of them. Felix began early, as a 6-year-old his interest in magic began. After a timeout, he once again began pursuing his interest at the age of 12.

Since then, Felix has competed in a lot of competitions and has been standing on multiple stages in several European countries. He has performed at arenas with thousands of spectators.

In the world of magic, he has succeeded in building his name, not only in Sweden but in the rest of Europe. This is just a start for Felix, despite his winnings and success so far. He continuously strives for the top.


There are several possibilities regarding shows:
Close-up show, which is magic up close. This can include both mingle, table-hopping or similar performances.

Stage show is a show with larger objects, suitable for large events. This option can be offered including Felix competition acts, and much more.

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